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If you’re looking for precision and control when it comes to your spin welding projects, then our PAS Model SW950 might be your ideal solution. This particular spin welder was designed by our team at Plastic Assembly Systems, and it currently offers the highest level of control for ultrasonic welding in the thermoplastics industry to date.

How Spin Welding Works

A sonic welder uses the friction created from circular movement to heat up plastic parts and weld them together. Spin welding holds one part in place while spinning another part to connect it to the still part. The heat and friction generated from the spinning motion melts the plastic and allows the two pieces to join together. Because the movement of the spin welder is in a circle, this particular type of thermoplastic welding is ideal for joining cylindrical or spherical parts.

SW950 Advantages

PAS offers a number of quality welders in this line, including the SW750 and SW850. Along with the SW950, these machines may be used as standalone pieces or in conjunction with automation systems to meet larger volume requirements.

The SW950 features dual servo control. This allows the user to control both the Z-axis in 0.001-inch increments and the spin axis by degree for more precise results. The machine is suitable for use with small, medium, and large parts, and it is ideal for projects which require both repeatability and precision. With the right control, this welder is also able to achieve a hermetic seal. Welding speeds can get as high as 3,000 RPMs, and the system can store up to 100 jobs for maximum efficiency.

The Right Machine Makes All the Difference

At PAS, we understand the precision that is required to get the results you want with your thermoplastic setup. You can view all of the various features and specifications of our SW950 spin welder right here. If you have any questions, contact our team by calling 203-393-0639 or toll free at 866-882-1701. We’re also happy to help you find the right thermal assembly system or contract assembly services for your needs.