Model ARB Arbor Press

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Thermal press machines from Plastic Assembly Systems use precise control of heat and pressure to bond and assemble small plastic parts without adhesives or screws. Designed for low-volume production runs and lab testing, the hand-operated PAS Model ARB Arbor Press uses direct contact heated tools in applications such as film and fabric sealing, date coding, embossing, threaded insert installation, and heat staking of thermoplastic posts.

Tooling is bolted to the upper portion of the press and heat is provided through a probe assembly or heated tip block. Precision machined tips designed for specific functions are mounted to the probe.

Our lever-actuated press with spring return features a fine pitch mechanical depth stop. The unit measures 28 in. in height and the Blanchard ground work base measures 12 in. x 10.00 in. The tubular column includes a gross height adjustment.

The PAS Arbor press weighs 50 pounds and operates on 120V/240VAC. It is designed with a 3.00 inch stroke and a 4.75 inch throat. The microprocessor-based control can maintain any temperature within the operating range of 80°F to 999°F.

Options available include part holding fixtures, a part cycle counter, and post cooling. An extended tubular column, multiple zones, and multiple outputs can also be specified.

At PAS Heatstaking, we are committed to providing superior quality plastic assembly solutions, top notch service, and technical support. Our personal attention to the individual needs of our customers sets us apart. Contact us today for more information about our Model ARB Arbor Press, as well as tooling and tips for your application.