Servo Driven Heat Staking Equipment

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PAS Model STS-2000

PAS offers the highest level of machine control in the industry to date. PAS couples new servo control technology with years of experience to bring to market the most advanced line of thermal assembly equipment. Servo control in the Z-axis allows for precise and fast control of your thermal applications. Our complete line offers end users the ability to run small, medium and large parts and applications that require high precision and repeatability. The STS 2000 and the high tonnage servo press can be used as stand alone piece of equipment or coupled with other automation technologies to meet your part volumes. Thermal Assembly makes use of direct contact heated tools and precisely controlled time, temperature, pressure, and cooling to reform plastic studs, walls, or protrusions or to embed metal components into plastic. Multiple operations can be performed on several planes simultaneously. Cycle times are relatively fast, allowing for the assembly of multiple products. Cosmetics are exceptional. Heatstaking appears to be an extension of the molding process.