PAS Servo Spin welder, 750, 850 and 900 Series

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At Plastic Assembly Systems, we believe in providing customers as much control and precision as possible in their thermal assembly endeavors. We’ve put our knowledge and expertise to use in the construction of every sonic welder we’ve designed. Our SW700-900 series offers the highest level of control available for a spin welder in the thermoplastics industry. These machines are ideal for use by themselves or in conjunction with automation systems for higher volume applications.

The Utility of Spin Welding

Ultrasonic welding uses movement and vibration to join two pieces together. There are a few different ways to do this. Spin welding in particular uses the heat and friction produced by spinning one part to melt and weld two plastic components together. Our machines are able to weld by rotation, distance, or torque. Due to the circular motion, spin welders are ideal for applications where cylindrical or spherical parts need to be joined together.

Features of the 700-900 Series

Our 700-900 series features dual servo motors, which places the control of both the spin axis and Z-axis directly into your hands. The speed of the welder can be adjusted in one RPM increments up to 2,000 RPMs. It is suitable for many different sizes of projects of virtually any diameter. With proper precision, it is even possible to achieve a hermetic seal with the weld of one of these professional machines.

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Here at PAS, we understand the significant need for quality performance with thermal assembly systems. We’ve put our years of experience and knowledge to use in the design of our proprietary systems and parts. If you have any questions regarding spin welding or thermoplastics in general, you can contact our team at 203-393-0639 or toll free at 866-882-1701. We’re also happy to help you find the spare parts and used welders and equipment you may be searching for.


Max Z Axis Pressure 2000 lbs
Power Req. 240VAC 3 Phase 30Amps
Pneumatic Req. 100PSI ( For machine peripherals only )
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 30.00 x 36.00 x 82.00 in
Stroke 20.00" No Tooling in
Throat 5.675"
Weight 750 lbs
Max Spin RPM 2000RPM
Approx.Weldable Part Size 11.00" Dia. ( depending on material )
Max Part Dia. 11.250 in
Max Z-Axis Speed 400IPM
Spin Head Bolt Pattern 1/4-20 X 4 ON 2.500" B.C.
Base Bolt Pattern 3/8-16 x 12 ON 5.00"/ 7.00"/ 9.00" B.C.

Standard Features


  • Dual servo motors (spin and z-axis )
  • Rolled ball screw with integrated oiling system
  • Z-axis control adjustable in .001” increments
  • Spin control +/- 1 degree
  • Weld by rotation, distance or torque
  • Spin welding speeds adjustable in 1 RPM increments
  • Spin welding speeds 1-2000 RPM
  • Z-axis speeds adjustable in .100” inches per minute increments
  • Multiple speeds / feeds and distances per each weld cycle
  • Multiple job storage 1-100 jobs
  • Adjustable soft head home position allows for lowered start position to increase production
  • Dual linear rails with four linear carriages
  • Steel ground machine column
  • 20” machine travel to accept long parts ( longer strokes available )
  • SW750 / SW850 actuator heads can be easily mounted into automation and can be mounted in any axis
  • Microprocessor based hardware with touch screen display display
  • Zero force Opto touch palm buttons
  • Steel Blanchard ground work table with locking, leveling casters
  • Integrated machine controls
  • Vacuum head


Options Available


  • Automation remote actuation cables
  • Part presence detection
  • Light curtain actuation
  • Automatic part ejection station
  • FRL assembly for pneumatic part clamping
  • Bowl feeders
  • Rotary, Pallet, Under/Over Conveyer integration and systems available


Features and Benefits


  • Ability to melt a significant amount of material at the joint interface
  • Hermetically seals various applications
  • Bonds material with fillers such as glass
  • Accommodates virtually any diameter part with proper torque and rpm
  • Handles virtually any length extrusion


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