Determining the right part joint design for the desired welding method.

No matter which plastic assembly operation you choose, proper selection and design of component materials (i.e. stakes, joints, etc.) are critical to achieve strong fit-for-purpose welds. The pages linked below will give you an initial sense of which operations/parameters are best for the results you’re trying to achieve. As always, we welcome you to contact PAS for additional guidance.

Heat Staking Design Guidelines

Standard Flared Stake Spherical Stake   Hollow Stake Staking a hollow boss produces a large, strong head without having to melt a large amount of material. Also, the hollow stake avoids sink mark on the opposite side of the component and enables the parts to be reassembled with self-tapping screws...
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Spin Welding Joint Design

                Download Data Sheet The Spin Welding Process: Spin Welding Joint Design is critical for a proper spin weld. Spin welding is used to join two plastic parts which are spherical or cylindrical in shape. Frictional heat is generated at the mating surface (joint)...
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Sonic Joint Design

Sonic Joint Design Perhaps the most critical facet of ultrasonic welding is joint design (the configuration of two mating surfaces). It should be considered when the parts to be welded are still in the design stage, and incorporated into the molded parts. There are a variety of joint designs, each...
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