Standard Flared Stake

01_373x85 02_373x85

Spherical Stake


03_373x85 04_373x85

Hollow Stake

Staking a hollow boss produces a large, strong head without having to melt a large amount of material. Also, the hollow stake avoids sink mark on the opposite side of the component and enables the parts to be reassembled with self-tapping screws should repair and disassembly be necessary.


Knurled Stake

The knurled stake is used in those staking applications where appearance is not critical. Since alignment is not an important consideration, the knurled stake is ideally suited for high volume production. Knurled tips are available in a variety of fine, medium and coarse configurations.


Flush Stake

The flush stake is used for applications requiring a flush surface. The flush stake requires that the retained piece has sufficient thickness for a chamfer or counterbore.