With advances in technology, the world of plastic welding has expanded the realm of possibilities. These days, thermal assembly systems allow for the ability to perform multiple tasks with precision. Cycle times are even faster, resulting in increased productivity.

Thermal assembly systems use direct contact-heated tools to reform plastic studs, walls and protrusions, or to embed metal components into plastic. There are many thermal assembly systems available. The PAS Model .50AS Actuator System is a high-quality heat staking machine fashioned for production runs of small- to medium-size parts. This system features a touchscreen interface along with a password-protected setup menu. It also has micro-processor-based system controls, internal PID-based temperature controllers, pressure regulator and quick tooling changeover.

For applications of small to large parts, there’s the PAS Model STS 2000 Servo Thermal System, which has combined new servo-control technology with years of plastic welding experience for the most advanced thermal assembly technology. Servo control in the Z-axis permits fast, precise applications. Used alone or coupled with other automation technologies, it can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Designed for medium to large parts, the PAS Model .2500I AS Intelligent Actuator System is a high-tonnage, true closed-loop heat staking machine designed for production runs that require precision. Standard features include microprocessor-based system controls, PID-based temperature controllers with auto-tune feature, multi-sequenced distance control, powder-coated steel table with caster, and guarding with electronically interlocked easy-access doors.

For low-volume production runs and lab testing, there’s the PAS model ARB Arbor Press, a hand-operated press that can be used for installing threaded inserts, date coding, embossing and fabric sealing.

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