High-Quality 340-Watt Helix Heater for Probe Assembly

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One of the main parts of the word thermoplastics is the prefix “thermo.” This portion of the word means “relating to heat.” This is because access to heat is an essential part of working with thermoplastics or heat staking. At room temperature, plastic is in a solid state. If you wish to mold it into a specific shape, then you must heat it up to the proper temperature to either reshape it or cause it to change to a liquid state. Plastic Assembly Systems has a wide range of Plastic Assembly tools to help you do this, including a high-quality 340-watt Helix heater for probe assemblies.

An Essential Component

Your thermal assembly system needs heat in order to really be considered thermal. Our 340-watt Helix heater features standard Amphenol connectors to fit most PAS models. However, if you require a different type of connector, we can help. Our team is ready to create a custom connector for use with your helix heater. This particular heater comes in two different voltage options: 240 VAC or 120 VAC. It’s simple to attach it to your assembly and get back to work.

Why Buy From Us?

PAS has many proprietary systems and equipment that we’ve designed using our expertise and experience in heat staking and thermoplastics. We know there are a lot of manufacturers out there, and we’re ready to answer your questions regarding their systems and parts, too. In fact, if you need spare parts for a system other than ours, we can help you out. Check out our huge selection of new and used equipment, or contact us about creating custom parts.

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For a helix heater or any other part you need, contact PAS by calling 203-393-0639. We’re happy to help you find the parts you need. We also have welding videos and a resources page to help you find advice and tips on heat staking equipment and more.