Keep Operations Simple Branson 2000 Series IW

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Branson systems have set a standard when I comes to ultrasonic equipment such as welders. From beginners to industrial professionals, it’s easy to find a machine that meets your needs in many different applications. One particularly useful entry-level system for newcomers to ultrasonic equipment is the Branson 2000 Series IW+, which stands for integrated welder. Plastic Assembly Systems can help you find the ideal welder and accessories for your personal or industrial applications.

Set It and Forget It

The 2000 Series IW+ consists of a bench unit with a variety of process controls and power supply module. It comes in outputs of 1100, 2200, or 3300 watts. Enjoy the convenience of absolute or collapse modes for distance welding, repeatable setups and accuracy with digital controls, and simplified overall operation. The size of this plastics assembly system makes it easy to set up in a small work space and even relocate as needed. This system is easy to program for a specific application without any need for additional adjustments – which means you can essentially set it and forget it without worrying about changes to the specifications.

PAS Provides What You Need

PAS has such a thorough understanding of heat staking, welding, thermoplastics, and plastics assembly that we have designed our own systems and Plastic Assembly tools to make these processes easier on our customers. Not only do we know what it takes to make the right system, but we also understand all there is to know about our competitor systems. That’s why our team is the one to come to when you have questions about heat staking and plastics assembly, even if the question isn’t about our products.

See the Difference Yourself

The Branson 2000 Series IW has everything you need for efficient plastics welding. Contact PAS by calling 203-393-0639 or toll free at 866-882-1701 to learn more. Don’t forget to also take a look at our welding videos and resources page.