Get Your Blank 10-32 Heatstaking Tips at Plastic Assembly Systems

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Plastic heatstaking involves using tools that are heated by direct contact in order to form plastic into a specific shape. This can be used to embed metal components or form plastic studs and more. Plastic Assembly Systems has a wide range of tools perfect for your heatstaking needs, including a blank 10-32 heatstaking tip.

Useful Tip You’ll Use Over and Over

Many of our machines are designed for use with a wide variety of components, including different types of tips that can be swapped out as needed. The 10-32 tip is perfect for making impressions for a 10-32 screw. These types of screws are used in a variety of applications. The 10 refers to the size of the head and the 32 refers to the number of threads on the screw. While PAS also carries tips in the 10-32 size for other application, this particular tip is blank. Simply place it in your machine and quickly remove it when you’re through.

The PAS Difference

PAS understands a lot about plastics and thermal assembly. There are many different ways that blank heatstaking tips can be used, which is why we offer them in a variety of sizes. In addition to the many different types of tips we offer, we also carry a wide range of new and used machinery and systems to keep your plastic assembly business moving. On top of that, our customer service is second to none. When you have questions, our team has answers.

Order Your Blank Tip Today

When you’re searching for blank tips for your heatstaking needs, contact PAS first. Give us a call at 866-882-1701 to learn more about our pricing and other tool options. Our knowledgeable customer service team is waiting to answer your questions.