Dual Headed Rotary System With Eject

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When it comes to creating any sort of product, the faster you can create a quality unit and move onto the next one, the more money you may be able to make. Your employees spend less time working the machines and you end up with faster overall production. It all starts with reliable quality machinery. Plastic Assembly Systems sells a variety of proprietary machines as well as used equipment from other manufacturers, including this dual headed rotary system.

Maximize Your Production

To help you get the most out of your plastics production, this system features two integrated heads along with a rotary tables. It comes with eject capabilities so there is less fumbling around to get your products out. Operators can let the machine handle most of the work; just pop out the product when finished and insert the new parts to be worked over.

PAS Has the Equipment and More

Here at PAS, we thrive on everything to do with thermoplastics. We enjoy the heat staking and welding processes so much that we have designed our own line of Plastic Assembly tools and accessories to accompany our proprietary systems. However, we also understand the value of the work that goes into our competitor systems. We do our best to provide quality options in our used equipment section. If there are any missing components or accessories that you require, even for our competitor systems, we are happy to assist you. Our knowledgeable team can answer your questions and even offer your information on our custom solutions. Don’t forget to check out our welding videos and resources page for additional tips and information.

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You can contact PAS online or by calling us at 203-393-0639. We also have a toll free number at 866-882-1701. Whatever questions you have regarding welders, heat staking, or anything thermoplastics, we’re happy to help you find the answer.