Dukane Ultra 1000/210 Actuator Integrated Standalone Cell With Light Curtains

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At Plastic Assembly Systems, we strive to sell only the best products that feature the highest reliability and performance for your thermoplastics project. In addition to meeting stringent precision requirements, our machines need to provide optimal safety for operators and industrial environment – including our used welders and equipment. That’s part of what makes this Dukane Ultra 1000/210 actuator integrated standalone cell with light curtains such a great investment.

Efficiency and Safety Where It Matters

This standalone cell is already situated for its own place – there’s no need to install it on top of any countertops. Dukane is an assembly company that has been in business since 1922, and they have built a reputation of creating defect-free products. This particular machine also features a light curtain. This special feature assists in shutting down the machine if any object crosses the curtain. This is important for safety – if an operator’s hand crosses the barrier, the machine stops its processes before any injury can occur.

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