Model .50AS Actuator System

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PAS Model .50AS Actuator System is a low cost high quality heat staking machine designed for full production runs of small to medium sized parts.

Heatstaking, thermal insertion, swaging, de-gating, date-coding, sealing, and serializing all make use of direct contact heated tools. Also precisely controlled time, temperature, and pressure are used to reform plastic studs, walls, protrusions, and or to embed metal components into plastic. This offers the ability to perform multiple operations on several planes simultaneously. Cycle times are relatively quick, and productivity can be increase through the assembly of multiple products simultaneously. After the thermal process, cosmetics are so exceptional that the processes appear to be an extension of the molding process. Spin welding is a rapid process that works well with  large and small diameter parts, as well as a broad range of thermoplastic resins.


  • Micro-processor based system controls
  • System part cycle counter
  • Internal PID based temperature controllers
  • Easy access gross head height adjustment
  • Pressure regulator
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Adjustable hydraulic speed control
  • Fine pitch 24 tpi mechanical depth stop
  • True system dwell time
  • Password protected machine setup menu
  • Multiple cycle counter, and re-settable day counter
  • Internal multi-zone temperature control adjusted through touch screen (2) standard
  • System cycle counter
  • Post cooling
  • 6” of available stroke
  • Quick tooling change over
  • Lock out tag out system dump
  • Machine operating manual
  • Dovetail column design
  • TSD (Touch Screen Display)
  • In-temperature feature


  • Adjustable leveling base
  • Automation remote actuation cables
  • Manual part clamping
  • Standard rotary tables with light curtain actuation
  • Manual or pnuematic slide table
  • Machine stand with casters
  • Part presence detecting

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