Model ARB Arbor Press

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The PAS model ARB Arbor Press is a hand-operated press designed for low volume production runs and lab testing. Uses include the installation of threaded inserts, heatstaking of thermoplastic posts, embossing, date coding, swaging and film and fabric sealing.


  • Microprocessor based temperature control
  • Quick tooling change over
  • 1 year warranty
  • Machine operating manual
  • Fine pitch mechanical depth stop
  • Blanchard ground work base
  • Gross height adjustment
  • Lever actuated with spring return
  • Operating range 80-999 °F
  • Tubular Column
  • High Precision Rail System


  • Part cycle counter
  • Part holding fixtures
  • Post Cooling
  • Extended column
  • Multiple zones
  • Multiple outputs
  • Air assist

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