Plastic Assembly Tools and Accessories

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Torque wrenches are used for precision control when assembling the components to the necessary tightness while preventing heat buildup and other problems when the interface between components is not fully sealed.

A torque wrench contains engraved calibration marks which allow it to be set to the required torque for a particular stack assembly. A flat wrench head is attached to the end of the wrench and adjusted so that it spans the width of the component to be tightened and its pin fits into a notch on the opposite side of the component. As the torque wrench is rotated, it registers a loud click when the correct torque has been achieved.

The regular flat spanner wrenches are used to loosen the interface and dis-assemble the components when another tooling setup is required.

We also carry the interface threaded studs used to connect the parts together, included regular studs and step horn studs, which adapt boosters and horns with different threads. Stud sizes vary according to horn material, frequency, and torque required.

Our acoustic interface Mylar washers for stack joints provide the necessary seal and cushioning between mating faces of the components.

At PAS, we are committed to providing superior quality plastic assembly solutions, top-notch service and technical support. Our personal attention to detail on the plastic assembly equipment we provide and the individual needs of our customers is what sets us apart.

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