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The probe assembly is an important tool when it comes to welding plastics. In addition to providing the complete probe assembly itself, Plastic Assembly Systems also has a range of probe bodies available, including the Standard PAS steel probe body suited for working with the complete probe assembly.

Versatile Parts to Meet Your Thermoplastic Needs

Our Standard PAS Steel probe body is designed with versatility in mind. It includes a tapped face of 1/4-28, which makes it possible for the body to accept many different kinds of tips. This makes your welding work go faster. Instead of having to change out the entire probe body just to get a different tip, quickly detach the tip you are done using and attach the new one you want to use next. The flexible possibilities make this probe body an important piece to add to your heat staking and welding tool box.

The PAS Difference

PAS lives and breathes thermoplastics — figuratively speaking, of course, as we highly recommend breathing air rather than plastics. When you want answers to your heat staking and plastic welding questions, we are the company to ask. Are you wondering if our probe body will work with your probe assembly? We can easily let you know in addition to recommending additional parts and accessories to make your plastic assembly tools work smoothly. We believe in providing our customers with the most accurate information available. If you have questions about different types of welding, joints, and other basic information, check out our resources page and welding videos.

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