Find Branson 2000XEA Power Supply/AE Press Series From PAS

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Before you can start welding plastics together, you need a quality system including a microprocessor with all of the appropriate features to give you the most control. Plastic Assembly Systems sells new and used systems to provide our customers with access to the best equipment at affordable prices. For high-quality performance and reliability in ultrasonic welding, try our Branson 2000XEA Power Supply/AE Press Series.

More Than a Microprocessor

This plastic welding system features an ultrasonic bench controlled by a top microprocessor running at 20 kHz and 4000 watts. Take advantage of welding options such as weld by time, peak power, amplitude profiling, or energy. Along with the 2000X AE actuator, you get

  • Actuator support
  • Heavy-duty column on work base
  • Dual anti-tie-down style start buttons
  • Emergency stop
  • CJ20 chrome-plated snap-in converter
  • Your choice of aluminum booster

Why Buy From PAS?

PAS features many Plastic Assembly tools as well as products from various manufacturers. We know what it takes to produce quality results with the right heat staking and thermoplastics tools. While we make many of these systems ourselves, we’re proud to also offer inventory of used systems. There are many benefits to purchasing a used system. You save money by getting quality parts without the huge price tag. Our team is meticulous in our care of welders, microprocessors, hot plates, tooling, and all other parts. You can rest assured you are getting high-quality systems when you purchase through us.

Learn More Today

Take your ultrasonic welding to the next level with the Branson 2000XEA Power Supply/AE Press Series. If you have any questions regarding the different types of welding, take advantage of our resources page and welding videos. Our knowledgeable team is standing by to answer your questions or take your order when you call us at 203-393-0639. You can also call us toll free at 866-882-1701. Contact us today.