Vibration Welding Tooling

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Plastic Assembly Systems carries a complete line of tooling fixtures to complement our range of vibration welding machines.

Tooling for vibration welding includes an upper “tuned” drive head and lower fixture. Strong, lightweight tooling is key for this process, due to the extreme pressures and high-frequency vibrational forces required for the welding process to occur.

A fixture supports and aligns the parts to be assembled. Generally, fixtures are fabricated from aluminum or steel, and sometimes are lined with poured cast urethane/epoxy or other resilient materials.

PAS provides custom engineered rugged components to ensure quality welds. Precision machining is critical to ensure your part is properly located and supported.

We custom manufacture fixtures from simple machined shapes to complex CNC contour-milled shapes. Fixtures may be coated or plated for additional protection from rust, chipping, and other damage.

Additional pneumatic or manual part damping/ejection and vacuum/expansion mechanisms can be integrated into the lower tooling to facilitate loading and unloading of parts.

In addition, our tooling features quick tooling changeover, allowing multiple operations in a short time frame.

At PAS Heatstaking, your custom job is what we live for. We utilize the latest technologies and finest materials to produce the highest quality products available. We are known for our attention to detail and 50-plus years of combined experience—not to mention the highest level of machines available in the industry.

Our personal attention to detail on the plastic assembly equipment and accessories we provide and the individual needs of our customers is what sets us apart. Contact us today for quotes on vibration welding equipment and tooling.