Plastic Assembly Systems (PAS) understands that it isn’t always possible to buy new, especially when faced with budget restraints. This is why PAS also deals in a wide variety of used welding equipment to address budget and assembly needs. Companies can feel secure that all used ultrasonic welding equipment from PAS is under warranty.

PAS has a vast inventory of used ultrasonic welders that our experts have retooled and refurbished. The used inventory at PAS is vast, consisting of many makes and models. They include Sonitek, Forward Technology, Branson, Dukane, Mecasonic, Thermosonic, Sonobond and Rinco. To find out what used equipment we currently have available for sale, simply contact PAS directly by calling us toll free at 866-882-1701 or refer to our online used equipment page. You will see approximately how many used models are available.

Another service PAS offers is trade-in. When your company is ready to invest in a new ultrasonic welding equipment system, you can trade in your used equipment so you won’t be stuck with it when you’re ready to buy new.

Along with used ultrasonic welding machines, PAS also has used parts available, which we repaired and rebuilt. For example, PAS has a large selection of used and rebuilt converters for every make and model. And along with new boosters, PAS refaces and retunes boosters as well as horns. Replacing worn parts with used parts can preserve your cash reserve, freeing up capital in case of major emergencies.

But if your company isn’t quite ready to purchase an ultrasonic welding machine, PAS also leases plastic assembly machines. It’s a good option for those who want to try out various models before making a purchase. This is also the best route if your company hasn’t built up enough capital to purchase equipment. Leasing requires very little out-of-pocket expense. PAS understands that some customers need flexibility and even consider setting up lower payments during slow months. For details on leasing and used equipment, contact PAS.

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