Here at Plastic Assembly Systems we believe being informed is one of the best ways to help our customers. We know there are a lot of options available when it comes to thermoplastics and the various ways to join them together through welding. In this brief video, we demonstrate the capabilities of our proprietary systems, which are able to overcome even warped materials to produce a quality end-product.

The Basics of Spin Welding

Although we have a variety of welders and thermal assembly systems available, the one in this video is a spin welder which uses quick ultrasonic welding to overcome the warping of a plastic disc. Simply put, spin welding uses the speed of the spinning motion to create friction hot enough to melt the plastic pieces together. Our machine holds one piece still while spinning another piece of plastic over it or otherwise in contact with the still piece. This generates pressure and friction to weld the two pieces together. Due to the nature of the movement, this type of sonic welder is ideal for use with circular pieces as seen in this video.

PAS Overcomes Challenges With Solutions

Not every piece of plastic that rolls off of the assembly line will be in perfect shape. Especially when working with thermoplastics, it can be all too easy for a piece to become warped or otherwise misshapen. PAS creates machines designed to overcome challenges such as warped plastic discs. Even when you’re working with imperfect parts, it’s possible to achieve your desired results with the right tools and equipment at your disposal.

Find Out More

We offer a wide range of new and used equipment from our line and from other manufacturers, including spare parts. To learn more about our spin welders and other thermoplastic solutions and services, contact our knowledgeable team at 203-393-0639 or toll free at 866-882-1701.