Producing frictional heat through rotations up to 6000 RPM, spin welding bonds are created upon cooling. This rapid, reproducible process works well with large and small diameter parts, across a broad range of thermoplastic resins. Easily automated, the energy-efficient PAS line of spin welders confine rotational heat energy to the joint interface to create a bond stronger than the parent matter.


Key features & benefits:

  • Servo control for both the spin axis (within 1 degree) and z-axis (within .001“)
  • Microprocessor-driven operation with intuitive touchscreen interfaces
  • Production of hermetic, airtight seals with the proper control
  • The capability to weld parts up to 30” in diameter — and apply up to 4,000 lbs of force
  • Greener, sustainable operation without the need for air compressors or pneumatic systems