Welding is the process of joining to different pieces together using a method that generates enough heat to physically melt and parts into one. While some people think of torches and flames with welding, the type of welding and equipment used depends on what you plan on joining together. In the case of cylindrical or spherical plastics or resins, spin welding is an ideal method of creating a seal between two different parts.

spin welder

No Glue Required

A spin welder uses a type of ultrasonic welding, which involves creating friction using movement and vibration. In this case, spin welders use a circular spinning motion to produce friction and heat and weld two pieces of plastic or resin together. There is no glue, epoxy, fillers, or other chemicals required to join the two components. In this way, and because the machine is only producing friction and using less energy for operation, you could say that using a sonic welder is an eco-friendly option. This is especially apparent when you consider that the systems from Plastic Assembly systems offer dual-servo control as opposed to pneumatic systems, which is an even greener option.

Precision Control

The dual servos give the user precise control not only over the spin axis but also over the Z-axis. The spin welder holds one part still while spinning the other part onto it, creating a seal that can be hermetic under the right control. We’ve created a system that allows you to adjust the rotational speed to give you the results you need for various types of plastics. Most of our welders are perfect to use on their own, but they can also be added to automation systems to produce larger volumes of products.

Quality Products for Quality Results

Because our machines operate free from air compressors and pneumatic systems, you end up saving money on energy and operation in the long run. PAS offers a number of efficient systems designed by our own knowledgeable and experienced team. Contact us today at 203-393-0639 to learn more about spin welding. You can also reach us toll free at 866-882-1701.