What Is Ultrasonic Welding?

Ultrasonic plastic welding is a state-of-the-art technology used to form a permanent bond. Mechanical vibrations generate frictional heat until the plastic parts reach melting point and can be pressed together. The advantage of ultrasonic plastic welding is that it can be applied to embed metal parts into plastic. Fusing plastic and metal has become an important issue as plastic replaces other materials in the automobile industry. From steering wheels to door panels, the advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding include low cycle times, automation and flexibility. In addition, ultrasonic plastic welding doesn’t damage surface finish because high-frequency vibrations prevent marks from being generated. This is a serious consideration for many car manufacturers because flaws can impact their bottom line.

What Other Industries Utilize UltrasonicWelding?

Ultrasonic plastic welding is also utilized in the medical industry, primarily because it doesn’t introduce contaminants. Items such as anesthesia filters, blood filters, IV catheters, dialysis tubes and face masks can be made using ultrasonic plastic welding. Another important application in the medical field is the construction of such textile wear as hospital gowns, surgery garments, and transdermal patches, just to name a few. These items can be sewn and sealed using ultrasonic plastic welding to avoid and reduce the risk of infection.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is frequently used in the packaging industry. Everyday items, ranging from butane lighters to food containers, are created or packaged with ultrasonic plastic welding. Ultrasonic plastic welding is also found in the packaging of dangerous explosives, such as fireworks or dangerous chemicals. These items can’t be subjected to high temperatures, yet must be contained in an airtight container that can withstand stress and high pressure.

The food industry relies on ultrasonic plastic welding because it’s fast and sanitary while producing airtight seals. Milk and juice containers are prime examples of products sealed with an ultrasonic plastic welding machine. To complete the task, paper cartons are coated with sheer layers of plastic that are then welded together.

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