Thermal assembly systems are machines designed to assist in the assembly or construction of thermoplastic parts and products. The term thermoplastics can sometimes be misleading as these machines are also capable of bonding other heat-sensitive material. Plastic Assembly Systems designs efficient thermal assembly systems for a variety of industries.


While using handheld presses and tools can be advantageous in low-volume applications. Thermal assembly machines assist in boosting productivity and control. They allow for adjustable pressure, temperature, time and some can be implemented into automated systems to speed up production. Faster cycle times mean more parts can be made at once


If you’ve never used a thermal assembly machine before, you’ve likely come across a product or two that was made from one. These machines can be used to create small to large parts for all kinds of devices. They assist in creating and assembling parts used in medical devices, cars, trucks, suvs, digital cameras, laptops, cell phones, and really anything made of plastic that requires assembly. PAS carries a variety of thermal press models in our inventory to fit a variety of industries. If you’re looking for a machine for a specific application, talk to our team about your needs. We may even be able to come up with a customized solution just for you.

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Thermal assembly systems are useful in many industries. If you want the ability to assemble your own thermal parts and products in-house, consider one of the high-quality models made here at PAS. In addition to the machines and parts needed for a production run, we also offer contract assembly services and additional information in our resources and welding videos pages. Contact our team at 203-393-0639 or toll free at 866-882-1701 for answers to any of your thermal assembly questions. We’re even happy to help you find answers and solutions for our competitors’ machines. We also offer custom thermoplastic solutions.