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We carry used ultrasonic welding equipment inventory from the world's leading manufacturers:

Quality Used Ultrasonic Welders And Equipment For Tight Budgets

PAS has an expansive inventory of used and refurbished ultrasonic equipment to suit your budgetary and production needs. We offer benchtop welders and power supplies and include warrantied used welders with tooling we manufacture.

Ultrasonic welding equipment from leading manufacturers

PAS offers used equipment from ultrasonic welding equipment manufacturers such as Branson, Dukane, Sonics and Materials, Herrmann, Forward Technology, Mecasonic, Ultrasonic Seal, Thermosonic, Sonobond, and Rinco

Ultrasonic Welders inspected and refurbished to highest quality standards

All used ultrasonic equipment is inspected and reviewed by our experienced technicians. Giving you reliable ultrasonic welders and power supplies for a fraction of the cost.

Trade-ins offered on used equipment when you purchase a new system from PAS

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