You can try to work with plastic using only your hands, but if you’re looking for a professional touch, then you’re going to have to learn something about heat staking and welding. Plastic Assembly Systems understands that not every business has the means to purchase the newest equipment outright. We hear you and understand, which is why we offer affordable used welders & equipment for all of your plastic assembly needs.

Welders for All Needs

We know there are a variety of different welding techniques out there, which is why we offer more than just one type of welder. You’ll find servo spin welders, ultrasonic welders, vibration welders, and more. All of our welders are perfectly suited for plastic welding. If you’re looking for more than just welding, we also carry heat staking machinery and thermal presses. Are you unsure about how to weld plastic? Take advantage of our thorough resources center where we demonstrate the different welding types for you.

Equipment to Keep Your Machines Running

While it might seem like we focus mostly on welding, we have a variety of other equipment to keep your machines running and your products in production. You’ll find entire thermal assembly systems ranging from complete process controllers to the tips required for your thermal presses. Are you having a hard time finding exactly what you need? Our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to answer your questions and guide you to the used tools required for your project.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you have any questions regarding the purchase and use of our tools and machines, contact PAS by calling 866-882-1701. Whether you’re looking to buy new or want to explore our used welders & equipment options, we’ll help you out.