Vibration welders operate at much lower frequencies, higher amplitudes and much greater clamping force than ultrasonic welders — with wider forgiveness for tolerance and wall thickness than most other thermal assembly methods. PAS has models to accommodate all sizes of parts, including large or irregularly shaped, along with difficult-to-weld resins and composites.


Key features & benefits:

  • Handle diverse materials including ABS, PVC, PMMA, polypropylene, PES, HDPE, PA, TEO, fiber reinforced composites
  • Automatic closed-loop process controls for vibration frequency, auto-tuning and amplitude during welding
  • Memory storage for multiple programs and multistage sequencing
  • Quick tooling changeover enables multiple operations in a short timeframe
  • Tooling built inhouse for all popular brands including Branson, Dukane and Forward Technology
  • Custom-quoted machines with standard vibration heads available for non-standard frame sizes, lift tables, stroke lengths, etc.