Find Perfectly Sized Boosters at PAS

Boosters connect the horn to the piezoelectric converter in ultrasonic welding. This process uses vibrations of the converter to attach or otherwise work on a piece of equipment or a product. There are various sizes or magnification ratios available in a wide range of frequencies. PAS is happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect booster for your particular application.

Different Sizes for Different Applications

Our boosters are typically constructed out of aluminum or titanium. We have a huge selection of new boosters, or our customers can view our used boosters to try to save a little money. The frequencies covered with our new and pre-owned boosters include:
  • 15 kHz
  • 20 kHz
  • 30 kHz
  • 40 kHz
If you’re unsure about the magnification ratio or frequency you’re looking for, just talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team members. We live and breathe welding and heat staking, so we should be able to help you find the answers and products you’re looking for.

Why Buy From PAS?

Here at PAS, we believe in supplying our customers with as much information as possible. This is why we offer welding videos and a wide range of additional resources to provide tips and other valuable information to whoever is looking for it. Because we know so much about welding and heat staking, we’re able to help you with any questions or concerns about the machines you’re using. We even know a lot about our competitors’ machines, and we can help you find any spare parts you might be looking for. We care about you finding the solutions you need, so let us help.

Request More Information Today

Our team is readily available to provide you with more information regarding our boosters and other parts and machines. You can request more information online or call us at 203-393-0693. Our toll-free number is 866-882-1701.