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Precision Thermal Tooling for A Universe Of Application.

Integrate new functionality and retain performance of your plastic joining systems with PAS tooling and accessories. We offer an extensive inventory of standard tools, heat staking tips, insertion tips, and more.

In need of something custom? We design and manufacture fixtures, ultrasonic horns, thermal tooling, and machine tables tailor-made for your plastic assembly application.

Our knowledgeable technical service team are here to help you determine the solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Key Features & Benefits:


Machine Stands & Tooling Carts

Ultrasonic Welding Sound Enclosure


Plastic Assembly Tools and Accessories​

Plastic Assembly Optional Accessories​

Industrial Coatings & Plating

Vibration Welding Tooling​

Custom Welding & Fixtures​

Ultrasonic Horns​

Thermal Tooling​

Staking, Insertion & Welding Tips​

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