Plastic Assembly Systems

Plastic Heat Staking

At Plastic Assembly Systems or PAS, we are committed to providing superior quality plastic assembly solutions, top-notch service and technical support. Our personal attention to detail on the plastic assembly equipment we provide and the individual needs of our customers is what sets us apart. In our ongoing quest to provide exceptional service, we offer a great deal of information about the various processes involved with assembling plastic products as well as detailed welding equipment information as a courtesy to our customers. We offer plastic spin welding, ultrasonic plastic welding and a wide range of new and used equipment. Learn more below!

Invest In Welding Equipment

PAS offers a vast inventory of new and used welding equipment to ensure we can meet the assembly and budgetary needs of all our customers. We carry many makes and models of new and used ultrasonic welders that our experts have retooled and refurbished and all of which are under warranty.

Contact Us

The team of experts at PAS is always happy to answer your questions, address your concerns or help you choose the welding equipment you need that fits both your budget and assembly needs. For expert advice and solutions, call us at 203-393-0639 or Toll Free at 866-882-1701. We can also be reached via email by visiting our contact page.