Quality Used Welders And Equipment For Tight Budgets.

Many plastic assembly operations don’t warrant investing in the newest equipment. PAS has an expansive inventory of used welders, heat stakers, thermal presses and other refurbished equipment to suit your budgetary and production needs. Including warrantied used ultrasonic welders with tooling we manufacture, setup and debug on the same brand of equipment you’re already using.

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Key Features & Benefits:


900 MA

Branson 900MA

920 IW

Branson 920IW 2


Branson 940MA 941AES


Branson 2000AED Press

200 Series IW

Branson 2000 Series IW

2000 EA Press

Branson 2000EA AE press

2000 X

Branson 2000XAE Press

2000 XEA

Branson 2000XEA AE

2000 XEAT

Branson 2000XEAT


Branson 8400


Branson 8700


Branson 8800

2000 Tote Welder

Branson 2000 Series Tote Welder


20 KHZ Sewing Machine

Dukane 20kHz Sewing Machine

20 KHZ Ultra Series

Dukane 20kHz Ultra Series Welder

40 KHZ Hand Held

Dukane 40kHz Handheld System

Manual Door Sound Enclosure

Dukane Manual Door Sound Enclosure

20 KHZ 2000WT Power Supply and Ultracom

Dukane 20kHz 2000 Watt Power Supply and Ultracom


Sonic & Materials 15 KHZ 4000 Watt Welder

Dukane 20kHz 2000 Watt Power Supply and Ultracom

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