Custom Industrial Applications​

The Perfect Machine For Your Specific Application.

At PAS, design/build of customized machinery is what we live for. Especially for situations with complex process challenges and/or limited space. From compact single-purpose machines to fully integrated movable workstations for multiple operations, PAS engineers go from concept through design, manufacturing and production faster than most competitors can obtain component parts.

Key Features & Benefits:

Custom Industrial Applications​

For your compact single purpose machine, select from our top-of-the-line presses, thrusters, hotplates, servos, and linear actuators. We offer a wide range of tooling and probe tips to fit every application. We also offer probe assemblies which mount on the actuator along with the appropriate tip for staking, swaging, insertion, sealing, date-coding, or hot knife de-gating.

Custom Industrial Applications​

Tooling for these operations is commonly mounted to the upper portion of the press or actuator, and heat is provided by probe or platen assemblies. Coil wound or cartridge heaters with thermocouples supply maintained heat to the tooling. Tips are commonly mounted to the probe or platen, and are precision machined to produce the desired operation on your application.

Custom Industrial Applications​

A fixture supports and aligns the part to be assembled. Generally, it is fabricated from aluminum or steel, and sometimes is lined with resilient poured cast materials. We manufacture fixtures from simple machined shapes to complex CNC contour milled shapes.

At PAS, your custom job is what we live for. We utilize the latest technologies and finest materials to produce the highest quality products available. We are known for our attention to detail and 50-plus years of combined experience—not to mention the highest level of machines available in the industry.

Custom Industrial Applications​


5 Operation, Robot Loaded Work Station

Standard Machine With Custom Options

4 Operation Fully Integrated Indexing Work Station

Custom Industrial Applications

Compact, Single Purpose, Custom Machines With Tooling

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