Plastic Assembly Systems’ invention of the STS2000 (servo thermal system) heat-staker revolutionized machine control, giving users unprecedented levels of efficiency when heat staking or assembling plastic parts with inserts!

Innovating Plastic Assembly

Our mission to enhance your plastic assembly experience goes far beyond harnessing the power of servo technology. For instance, we introduced machine features like our PAS designed Jig-Binary. This allows our STS2000 and other assembly systems to recognize tooling changes and automatically load the program parameters associated with the installed tooling. Simply put, we eliminated tooling set-up errors entirely! 

Network Connected Machinery, Cutting Edge Customer Support 

To better assist our customers, we offer network relay installation in our systems. Allowing us to provide premium customer support, troubleshooting your PAS system remotely from our Connecticut headquarters.

Plastic Assembly Systems
PAS designed heat-staking systems

Designing Forward Thinking Equipment

We designed the only hand-held heat staker of its kind on the market. Giving users a dedicated assembly solution when they believed their only option was a frustrating to use soldiering iron! The PAS hand-held heat staking station has been critical for countless low volume production runs and lab testing applications.

Hand-held Heat Staking Pistol and Pencil Stations for Thermoplastic Assembly
Hand-held heat staking station

Advancing Spin Welding Equipment

Beyond staking and insertion, our SW line of spin welding machines assemble circular thermoplastic parts with ease. These servo driven, energy efficient units produce frictional heat through rotations up to 6000 RPM, creating a bond stronger than your parent material. Presenting users with control of both the spin and z-axis, the SW series of spin welding machines has hermetically sealed countless circular joints!

Dual Servo Spin Welding System, SW950 Servo Spin Welding Machine, SW Servo Spin Welding Machines Model SW750, 850 & 900, Custom Spin Welding Rotary System
PAS designed spin welding equipment

Harnessing Hot Plate and Vibration Welding

Our knowledge of plastic joining methods goes far beyond heat staking and spin welding. We have developed complex custom systems harnessing hot plate and vibration welding technology. There is no thermoplastic assembly too complex or nuanced for the team at Plastic Assembly Systems.

Thermal Tooling Banner
Vibration welding tooling

Diverse Inventory of Ultrasonic Welders

For those looking to upgrade their current systems, we offer used/refurbished equipment, tools, and accessories for your assembly floors. Our massive inventory of ultrasonic equipment covers all you need to keep production moving. This includes ultrasonic welders from the top manufacturers, power supplies, horns, and boosters.

Used and refurbished ultrasonic welding equipment

PAS is dedicated to designing and manufacturing plastic assembly equipment and tooling that you can depend on for years to come. As we continue pushing our industry further with modern, cost-effective solutions, we welcome you to find out what our team can do for you.

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