Thermal Linear Actuators

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Thermal linear actuators from Plastic Assembly Systems are designed with integrators in mind. Our actuators offer flexibility, with multiple mounting configurations and access points on any axis or plane to make integration into automated systems a snap.

State-of-the-art 3D CAD files for all PAS actuators are available in a variety of file types to allow designers the ability to simply drop the actuator into their current machine design.

Our linear actuators are available with multiple forces and strokes to fit your specific automation needs. They can provide full load forces from 1/4 ton to 2 tons. Standard bore sizes include 2.5 in., 4 in., 6 in., and 8 in, with stroke lengths in ¼-in. increments up to 20 in. Custom sized bores and strokes also available.

PAS linear actuators are compatible with all our current thermal assembly system components. They can support modular thermal power supplies for up to 12 zones, with heat provided by probe or platen assembly or with a heated tip block.

In conjunction with our linear actuators, PAS offers a wide range of tooling and probe tips to fit every application. We also offer probe assemblies which mount on the actuator along with the appropriate tip for staking, swaging, insertion, sealing, date-coding, or hot knife de-gating. Our probe assemblies come with standard tooling bolt patterns that work with any model PAS machine.

The thermal linear actuator includes a hydraulic dampener for damping cyclical or one-off pressure fluctuations. Options include a system controller with large operator interface, NPN or PNP solid state switches, linear distance sensor from 0 to 10 V, and flow controls.

PAS utilizes the latest technologies and finest materials to produce the highest quality products available. Our personal attention to detail on the plastic assembly equipment we provide and the individual needs of our customers is what sets us apart.

Contact us today for information on higher loads, longer strokes, or other custom requirements, or a quote on thermal linear actuators for your application.