Heat Staking Equipment

Plastic Assembly Systems thrives on developing the latest and greatest technology to make thermal assembly a smooth and efficient process. The systems we have available here are designed by us using our experience and expertise in the thermal assembly industry. We have a variety of options for different applications and needs.

Servo Heat staking Equipment

High Tonnage heatstaking Equipment

Bench top Heatstaking Equipment

Custom/Rotary and Automation integrators packages


Our full systems can be used in standalone operations or with automation. The exact attributes of the machine depend on the model, but you can count on advanced servo technology and precision. Most of our complete machines include superior control over time, pressure, and temperature as well. Check out our Plastic Assembly tools and spare parts to make your machine of choice even more versatile.


Our handheld options are perfect for low-volume applications. While these machines rely heavily on the experience and skill of the operator, you can still expect cutting-edge technology and professional construction in every detail.


PAS lives to make quality products. We understand that you need a reliable machine that will perform the way you expect it to time and again. We’re familiar with thermal assembly and have put our expertise into the design of all of our machines. If you have any questions about thermal assembly, our team is happy to help you find the answers – even if it has to do with our competitors’ systems. Are you looking for a custom thermal assembly solution you don’t see here? Ask us about that, too.


To learn more about our thermal assembly systems and other products, you can contact our team online or by calling 203-393-0639. You can also reach us toll free at 866-882-1701. Refer to our resources page and welding videos to gain a better understanding of some of our machines. Are you looking for contract assembly services? We offer those as well. Find out more about PAS products today.